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Relationship always demands nurturing and caring

In Asian culture many of us think of fit in fully means relationship. Its a cultural learning. The most contributing thing create worse in marital relationship is, most of the things are demanded from wife by imposing “should”. If wives fail to understand, accommodate or support her husband in anyway, they are not good. Even the husband fail to do anything most of case the responsibility again goes to wife. Through the social orientation and lack of realization and awareness people believe that way.

On the other hand they also believe wives means women are not capable to take responsibility of their own, for his reason husband is guardian of wife. Our state law also give validation of the social belief that husband is the guardian of his wife. So husbands play the power consciously or unconsciously from traditional learning.

So husbands usually expect acceptance, love, care, support and obedience from wife at a time ; wives expect acceptance, love, care, support and parenting. Obedience and parenting is good matching but the problem is, it’s not possible all the time to stay in the same emotional state, position. Because every human being has emotional need and s/he fulfill the need from others. When the expected acceptance, love, care, support parenting and obedience fulfill the need of individual s/he feels validated, horned and recognized.

The total things contribute to create gap between couple. The bear this tradition generation to generation and blaming for not being happy with each other.

Marital relationship only a legal and contractual relationship where two people create a history by loving, caring and supporting each other. This relationship become a wonderful one by accepting, understanding, accommodating and supporting each other.

Every relationship always demands nurturing and caring. Once we make a relationship, most of the case we just be in that without sharing, caring and nurturing which creates misunderstanding, emotional detachment, conflict; sometimes violence.

Couple and marital therapy can play a vital role for better management of relationship through understanding the individual role. Therapy can help to develop the dynamics or close the relationship in a respectful way. It also can help to identify and deal with the individual limitation, trauma or distress, as contributing factor in relationship.

Couple and Marital Therapy is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) technique.