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How to Increase Sales with Low-Cost Marketing Ideas


  • Do you want to know low cost marketing strategies?
  • Do you want to increase your sales with low-cost marketing ideas?

Many small shop owners and vendors do not make an effective marketing strategy for their product because they think that customers will automatically come to their shop/store.

Also, they have a misconception that marketing is a cost-intensive technique to increase sales.

As a result, they lose customers to their competitors.

In this article, we will discuss some interesting and tested low-cost marketing ideas and strategies to place your brand on the top without spending too much.

1. Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing helps to get the customer’s attention by generating a powerful memory in their mind through an unusual way of displaying the products at a very nominal budget.

Guerrilla marketing includes activities done exclusively on the streets or other public places to attract the mass audience.

Once a unique marketing idea reaches the market, it becomes the “talk of to town” But, the problem is that every talk becomes the talk of the town only for a short period until you work consistently on it.

2. Viral Marketing

Of the most important low-cost marketing strategies is Viral marketing which gives an extremely emotional experience to people so that they feel proud to share such things in their friend circle.

This experience is created through small shocks, too much happiness or excitement.

For Example

A cobbler becomes viral on social media just because of the name of his shop, “Jakhmi Juto Ka Aspatal” (Hospital of Injured Shoes).

In the same way, you can also make some unusual, creative and invoking punch line, videos or graphics

to viral your product in your locality.

3. Presume Marketing

In presume marketing, you can re-direct all consumers to your shop by displaying products

in very unique ways so that it gets registered in the minds of people quickly.

For Example

A Puma’s ad campaign went viral in which they showcased lightweight shoes hanging in the air which caught people’s attention.

People who saw such unusual marketing methods spread a word about it among their friends

and on social media.

4. Experiential Marketing

In experiential marketing, you offer an experience to your customers by distributing free samples of your product.

When you let your customers experience your new product line or service for free of cost, it gets stored in their minds and they try to know more about your product.

For Example

Whenever Starbucks launches a new product, they take free trails with the people. They give them to taste it and note their experiences to rate that product.

5. Wild Posting

It is the most important low-cost marketing idea, wherein graphics, images, print ads and visuals can be used to portray your product in an unusual way that imprints in people’s minds as they come across it.

You can advertise your product through the wild presentation of your product on roads, walls, buses, trains, parks, and public places.

For Example

Duracell, in the ad campaign installed a huge replica of a cell on footpaths with a warning sign printed on it. Whenever a passerby walks through the cell, it starts vibrating followed by a buzzer saying

“A battery that never dies”.

6. Ambient Marketing

Ambient marketing can be used to create an environment or background showcasing your product in a creative way, and unconsciously registers it in the consumer’s mind.

Coca Cola uses this strategy by showcasing their ad on stairs and escalators at the airport, metro station and shopping malls.

7. Grassroots Marketing

Grassroots marketing is done to target customers of a particular location, region, language or community.

It focuses on a particular audience based on their demography, geography, psychograph, and ethnography.

If you give a special offer to people of a particular locality or community, then it will spread like wildfire among them and spread your influence at the grassroots level.

For Example

If a retail store of Lajpat Nagar starts an offer “50% discount on clothes and footwear for people

who live in Lajpat Nagar.” It will be a big hit there. People will inform others and a Grassroots will be formed.

8. Rub-Off Effect

You can take benefit of the rub-off effect of a celebrity, public figure or national event by associating your product’s ad campaign with them.

You can also utilize the popularity of a movie, song, or film star by taking advantage of its rub-off effect without investing extra money.

For Example

All the ad campaigns of Amul are based on the rub-off effect. It associates its products with a famous public figure, movie, song or political event. It helps in getting the customer’s attention instantly.

All the low-cost marketing strategies discussed above are not conventional, they are unconventional methods. So, you will have to use a lot of energy and engage the imagination of people.