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Importance of Pain for Personal & Professional Growth

Pain in life builds with undulating and irregular ups and downs lifelong. It is not something which we generally entertain into our lives with a sweet toast but unexpectedly life looks a lot like a forlorn song. Life in pain makes us be associated with certain physical and emotional reactions. Perhaps few people have triggered with bitter experiences from anxiety, frustration to guilt and depression level and enduring their lives more struggling in pursuit of prolific happiness. Falling down is an accident but staying down is your choice. The emotional journey is the key to learn from the observations and cope with the failure. Painful emotions have the potential to introduce ourselves with our real selves and to get a wider thought of the world present around us.

All the success stories in the world are all stories of great failures but it was their ability to bounce back in tough times that makes them successful.

Have you ever given a thought of how to withstand your good times going on in lieu of avoiding the uncertain bad times which certainly come along by chance?
Managing pain actually makes an individual getting most out of life which can be both exciting and perplexing task. It is within your reach to live a life that will get better over time and completely depends upon your willingness to paint the colors either with love or fear which further take you to a new realm of prospects. The secret behind growth and development is to have an enlightened vision to recognize both facets of life positively; by accepting and cultivating the painful experiences towards building a deeper self- awareness.
Just have a look to understand keys to personal and professional growth towards success by making an alignment with embracing discomfort.

Art of Mind
A mind is something that can take you anywhere. If you learn to control your mind then you learn to do great things. If you have a clear well-defined goal statement in your life and then when you engage your mind towards it, your mind gets an absorption. Mind always need an engagement as the mind does not stay in a vacuum. Pain makes you learn in what exact position you are. Let’s say if you are feeling a severe headache, your focus at that moment will be only in pain. Being conscious about the current moment you seeks to find out the medications or other related therapies to get rid of ache. Learning to be at the moment, no matter if it is a painful or happiest situation, will drive you to a happier life.

You do not have to control your mind, you only have to engage your mind.

Negative Emotion
A complaint is a Gift, Negative Emotion is also a gift, Every Gift doesn’t come wrapped on your way, and every negative incident has a positive intent. Soon you inculcate your mind that this is a gift for you now your mind knows exactly how to find out good in it. Because when you change the way you look at the things, the things you look gets changed. Now your mind exactly knows what to find out in this incident. The performance depends upon the level of emotion. What are the real message this negative emotion and negative incident giving to you? A beautiful mindset creates a passage for skillset. A new outlook changes the perception of an individual’s mind which generates a new belief system. You are yet to find out the super best in yourself, find out real you in yourself.

In your life when you get a setback, do not sit back just a step back to bounce back.

Belief system
The belief system is a pattern or conviction which arise a feeling of uncertainty, a feeling of permanence, a feeling of assurance, confidence and a feeling of rigidity. Such feelings are generated from individual’s personal interpretations, references, and their experiences. In order to create a new belief system an individual needs to change their perception by adopting pessimistic nature which strengthens their interpretations and builds a new conviction.

You can become strongly mental or you can become mentally strong; you can have a hopeless end or you can have an endless hope.

Patterns of Thinking
An individual instinctively acquires a number of habits into his/her life based on developed patterns. You are not leading your life your patterns are leading your life. You develop your pattern of thinking, your patterns which you have developed over a period of many years, those unfulfilled desires and your past experiences settled inside as a Sanskar it has been embedded as a deep Sanskar which needs a transformation. Patterns need to be changed in a life and in order to change you need to make continuation with the same pattern until you develop a new pattern and here is behold the conceptual mind.

You are programmed until you program a new program for yourself.

No one knows everything at their own part. The essential thing is to recognize the cause of the pain and make a compatibility with your strengths and weaknesses. People with skills and talent may not have an idea how to create a good understanding and thus thrive towards seeking assistance from their leaders. In order to make a significant impact over the professional growth, a good assistance can prove to be a great effort in reducing growing pain areas that can accompany the overall success both personally as well as professionally.